Why Does the Non-Classified Scientific Community Fear Extraterrestrials?

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Every time we send a probe into outer space, we find more signs that indicate we may not be alone in the world. We know that there are millions of universes out there that may host life and humanity is desperately trying to make contact with them.

This leads us to the question – do we really want to find out what’s out there?

We have no way of knowing whether alien beings are friendly or hostile unless we are directly experienced with them. According to scientific calculations and the Kardashev Scale, alien civilizations would be far more intellectually and technologically advanced than us. If they are, what’s stopping them from harming us?

Because non-classified scientists can’t say for certain that aliens won’t harm us, they’re warning humanity about attempting to contact aliens.

Stephen Hawking Warns of Alien Colonization

During his last years, Stephen Hawking warned humanity about contacting advanced aliens a number of times.

Hawking feared that meeting highly advanced alien beings can possibly lead to the annihilation of humanity. He claimed that advanced alien civilizations are likely to colonize planets they are able to reach; if true, there’s a fairly high chance that these aliens are hostile.

He even went on to say that meeting with aliens could go down like the Native Americans fared in history after they encountered Christopher Columbus – we all know how that turned out!

Hawking’s reasoning makes sense but it contradicts the Kardashev Scale.

Kardashev Scale

The Kardashev Scale classifies civilizations into 3 main types based on their technological advancement and their ability to use their planet’s natural sources for energy.

Currently, humanity hasn’t even reached the lowest part of the Kardashev Scale; we’re not even Type 1 yet.

Greater Morality

Alien civilizations most likely fall under Type 3. They would have full control over the energy of their parent star and the energy of their respective galaxy. Being this intellectually advanced could also imply that they are at a higher level of morality which will prevent them from causing humanity on Earth any harm.

R. Scott Lemriel’s Perspective

Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author R. Scott Lemriel agrees that specific alien civilizations do have a higher or more advanced ethical standard and kindness than humanity on Earth yet understands.

Humans have a tendency to abuse power and technology; our history is proof of that. Throughout our existence, we’ve seen the powerful exploit the weak; there have been many times where it looked like we’re coming close to our own destruction. Fortunately, we’ve had even more powerful beings looking over our shoulder or we would have gone up in smoke through nuclear was many times during the ‘Cold War’ with the former Soviet Union and could have many times since then.

Through his extensive travels along the past time-track, and via direct contacts with kind extraterrestrials his entire lifetime, Lemriel eventually crossed paths with the most advanced ancient human race known as the Seres.

The Seres are benevolent extraterrestrials were responsible long ago in galactic history for bringing into existence human beings like we are today and many other humanoid and non-human races – the body forms that the real individual ‘Soul’ or the ‘Atma’ runs. The ‘Atma’ is what the most advanced extraterrestrial races refer to as the real individual or ‘Soul’. The Galactic Alliance of Free World systems have been very closely monitoring us humans on Earth and on other worlds systems one way or another since the very beginning when the Seres first brought human beings to our planet. Whenever humanity has come close to complete destruction, the Galactic Alliance member races have intervened and saved us from self-annihilation—that was often sponsored by the covert influences of malevolent alien beings that were caught attempting to gain control and dominance over Earth and all life on this planet. They have never succeeded and never will.

The Galactic Alliance was recently contacted by the mighty Seres and in the future they will once again save us but this time all of humanity will learn of the existence of advanced kind extraterrestrial life and the entire world will be a far better place.

To discover much more about the Seres race, the Galactic Alliance and what awaits humanity in our very recently permanently changed new future destiny, go on the adventure of exploring Lemriel’s book The Seres Agenda.

Note: It has a very special enlightening techniques section at the back that is designed to assist the readers to recover ever so much that was taken from them without their consent or current awareness – often long ago in galactic history.