Aliens: Right Here on Earth

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For years, hidden truth researchers, UFO hunters, and people who’ve had out of body experiences have tried to share what they know with the general masses.

And for years they’ve been rebuked, mocked, and brushed off. This general attitude, although imparted by the common man, is in effect backed and encouraged by those who control the narrative: people are controlled better as long as they’re kept in the dark.

How the Government Hides Things

When the locals began calling the bluff on Groom Lake in Nevada, government officials vehemently denied any strange happenings in the area. The denial and dismissal continued for years until finally, the government broke under pressure from those who knew that things weren’t as simple as they looked.

The CIA made the admission, and suddenly Area 51 went from “not existing” to being a super-classified military base where mysterious testing of reverse engineered extraterrestrial technology goes on. When the revelation was finally made, the CIA insisted that the base was meant for testing all things Soviet, and that it had no concerns with UFOs—but then again, if it only had things to do with the Soviets, why was it kept such a big secret?

The constant attempts on the side of those in power to deny anything that could challenge their dominion over what’s accepted as the authentic narrative is very telling. They attempt to tell us or mislead us about what they know of aliens in outer space that visit the Earth. So far, their explanations, which are completely fabricated nonsense, have been proven to be null and void. They maintain that if we can’t find anything about extraterrestrials that they have classified far above ‘Top Secret’ then it’s not there. However, many of us know the tall tales they throw at us are not true, and many of us also know that they don’t tell us what they know.

More importantly, they don’t know all there’s to know—a new moon was discovered circling Neptune only two days ago. If NASA and all the advanced space aficionados do not know with certainty what is in their own backyard within our solar system, how can they claim to know all about deep space and the territories that they haven’t had a chance to explore?

Aerospace Boss Chimes In

Robert Bigelow, whose company Bigelow Aerospace has been in cahoots with the NASA over an expandable spacecraft, could provide the answer to the question of all this secrecy. The 73-year-old aerospace guru had startling revelations to make about NASA, deep space, alien life, and the Earth.

Bigelow commented that he spent ‘millions and millions’ on proving his staunch belief in alien life. The interest began with an experience his grandparents had had with UFOs, right outside Las Vegas. Bigelow has also had similar experiences on his own, which he has for now kept secretive. His company is busy making technology that’s starkly different from that which dominates attempts at space travel as it is publicly known on Earth today (nothing to do with the highly classified arena.) Projects like Olympus are in the wind, and we can only expect that there’s more to come. The most telling revelation that Bigelow had to make was that aliens exist ‘right under [our] noses.’

Hidden truth researchers have been saying the same for a long time now. The best place for an intelligent alien race to hide is not out there on the moon or on the Asteroid belt but right here on Earth, where we won’t be looking. People like Bigelow are forced to keep mum about their experiences, but there’s only so much those in power can do to stop us from exploring the truth.

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