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R. Scott Lemriel – Author and International Speaker

If you have a Media Request to interview author R. Scott Lemriel for your radio and/or TV show, or have a request that he conduct a speaking presentation at a conference held around the world you are sponsoring, please submit your media request details on the form provided.  

     A reply will be promptly sent back to you with any requested bio, list of questions for an interview, bio pictures, and social media links. Pertinent current and past radio &TV shows, and conference video presentations links available on YouTube & Vimeo will also be provided. 

     If you have any important input, insight or an intuition that you may be destined to become creatively involved in these transforming endeavors, and you would like to talk it over please let Scott know.  Who can say what uplifting successful events can come from your introduction?  It is wise to expect the unexpected in a constructive manner for the well-being of all life.

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      R. Scott Lemriel

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