Gods from Outer Space

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Although 75% of the entire world’s population is a disciple of 5 of the world’s biggest religions, there are some 4200 religions in the world.

From the ancient to the fairly modern, the medieval to those we know little about, these belief systems are everywhere to be found on Earth where life thrives. And although all these religions have differing ideologies and myths, they have a common denominator between them: a belief in ‘higher entities’ that dwell in the ‘heavens.’

Many religions that derive heavily from mythologies (such as Greek and Hindu) also adhere to two classifications of gods: the good, and the evil. These gods have fought wars and have been at loggerheads, making choices between suppressing human freedom and aiding them in their endeavors.

Sound Familiar?

For people who’ve experienced extraterrestrial contact and those who rigorously study the connection between human history and alien connections, the similarities between gods and aliens are telling. This is also heavily evidenced by the existence of many mysterious places on Earth—such as the Bermuda Triangle and the Nazca Lines—which cannot be explained by conventional science. The locals, in a bid to accord meaning and explanation to the locations, began attributing them to divinity. This phenomenon is called argumentum ad ignorantiam in Latin, which literally translates to: argument from ignorance.

They Looked Different

Of both gods and aliens, it is maintained respectively by the ancients and the experienced, that they look just like us and that they look nothing like us. What they mean to say is that aliens and the supposed gods were both humanoids in forms similar to us in many ways but also different in quite extraordinary ways. Aliens in contemporary interpretations look eerily like the ancient Egyptian gods with their flashy eye-makeup, head ornamentation, and in some cases representative of non-human bi-peddle aliens.

The Powers

It goes without saying that all perceived gods come with their own varieties of power, which supersede human abilities by leaps and bounds. Aliens and higher dimensional beings from parallel universes are also advanced in terms of their abilities, so far advanced in fact, that to us they present the picture of being wizards, Gods, or magical beings. Where the power of the gods is attributed to divinity, that of aliens is attributed to their advanced individual development as beings and sophisticated technology.

Their Interactions with Humans

The gods, while widely and wildly believed in, have never in fact interacted with many humans. There have been few accounts of people actually interacting with these gods, and whosoever came into contact with these higher beings was immediately deemed a prophet—interestingly. They were also called heretics (remember Jesus?). The case with people who come into contact with aliens is similar: they’re spurned by the controlling tyrant kind who controlled all priest-craft on Earth. But what’s interesting to note here is that both alien entities and these gods chose to contact only a selected few of the human beings on Earth throughout known history.


Both aliens and gods have their fair share of opponents and naysayers: there are those who say that gods don’t exist and those that say that aliens don’t exist. What’s interesting is that the basis of all this animosity toward higher beings of such power is that few people have seen them or rather they have been manipulated to subconsciously forget all about them.

Despite the fact that there is an abundance of evidence, real hidden truth  remains but mysterious tall tales of not understood phenomena.  Such mysteries remain inexplicable through the probing of non-classified scientists and the vast numbers of people on Earth today are subconsciously influenced to believe in anomalies, irregularities, and aberrations, instead of exploring through firsthand experience more evolved beings and their far more advanced technologies.

The Awakening Day Approches

What the people choose to believe in cannot be influenced through forcible means by those with real direct experience and those with such experience have no need to force anything — after all we have seen what we have seen and our disbeliefs cannot ultimately stand in the way of our awakening to true direct enlightening experience. There are signs for those who truly wish to see and beings that can assist them to recover who they are and all they once knew will cross their paths in this life on Earth. Those who refuse to open their eyes continue to wander purposeless in stubborn self-made blindness of all hidden truth. To boldly explore all you were made to forget,  discover direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher and author R Scott Lemriel’s books The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway. They are eye-opening doorways into the grand multi-dimensional creation.


  • Scot, i am seeking the truth and what i understand from you is clear. It resonates and make feel secure in my quest. We can change ourselves and change the planet! May happines and wellbeing pour our way. Victor.

    • Hello Vic,

      You would be greatly uplifted and benefited if you obtain THE SERES AGENDA book. It will provide you with a grounded eye-opening understanding of what is taking place off-planet today out among the stars that was entirely unexpected and how this is directly involving planet Earth and its currently quite subconsciously misdirected mass of fellow human beings. The special techniques section at the back will be of unexpected uplifting assistance to you. You can write to me more directly through the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the main index page for http://www.ParallelTime.com and I will reply.

      R. Scott Lemriel

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