Signs Aliens Have Lived Among Humans

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The debate on whether or not aliens exist has been going on for centuries. It’s even baffled the non-classified scientist community.

The non-classified community of Scientists rely on evidence, even after all these years of research they haven’t found any solid proof because it is being kept from them and the rest of the people of Earth. However, if they were to look solely at math and logical reasoning, they would have to agree that extraterrestrial beings definitely exist.

The Pentagon’s Advanced Threat Identification Program (AATIP)

Last year, the Pentagon was forced to disclose that it was running a top-secret department called the ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’. The department was on the lookout for UFOs and aliens on Earth. After some videos and documents were declassified, ex-Pentagon officials said they can say ‘without a reasonable doubt’ that aliens exist.  

This may be the first time government officials confessed they have been actively searching for or rather working in secret with alien beings – but many suspect that the military has been studying aliens for decades now.

Area 51

Area 51 has been under the radar of many alien and UFO enthusiasts for decades. The public has long suspected that this highly classified military airbase holds the bodies of aliens within its vast territory that were found or retrieved on Earth. The military and the government have continuously denied these claims by stating  that the site was just used for testing experimental aircraft.

Area 51 is one of the military’s more secretive sites and if an aircraft happened to fly over it, military officials there have legal right to shoot it down; there are very few military sites in the country with this level of security.

Aliens and Ancient Civilizations

Before Area 51 came into play, ancient civilizations including the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayan appeared to be interacting with aliens. These were all tyrant royal family bloodline civilizations, so we can conclude they were being influenced by negative alien races and their involvement on Earth always came to end.

Archaeologists have discovered Egyptian hieroglyphics that contain images of disk-shaped aircraft and images of strange beings with elongated heads—very similar to what some people on Earth may assume aliens will look like.

Also, scientists have failed to explain how ancient civilizations like the Egyptians were able to make complex mega-structures like the Pyramids without the help of advanced technology.  

Other than the Pyramids, the Earth is home to several other ancient mega-structures that couldn’t have been built without very advanced non-terrestrial technology.

Now some say that sites like the ‘Stonehenge’ may have been used as a launching/landing pad for extraterrestrials beings in the past because of how the large boulders are placed.

UFO and Alien Sightings

Non-classified scientists may not agree that extraterrestrials exist but for decades people have been reporting sightings of UFOs and aliens. Many people around the world have gone on to say that they been abducted and experimented on by aliens.

Despite all the accounts of UFOs and alien interactions, non-classified scientists have yet to confirm that they exist.

R. Scott Lemriel’s Perspective

Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author, R. Scott Lemriel has no doubt that aliens exist. Why? Because he’s been interacting with them from the mere age of 5 and long before that out in the cosmos!

At a very young age, Lemriel discovered how to work with the pineal gland located in the center of the brain in order to induce conscious out-of-body experiences. Through these experiences, Lemriel traveled extensively into parallel and higher dimension realities and to other worlds. At other times he met directly with benevolent human and other extraterrestrial beings.  

His inter-dimensional travels revealed to him the truths that are deliberately being kept from humanity by a still highly classified worldwide system put officially in place after the end of World War II. Lemriel discovered that humanity did not originate on Earth. Humans were brought here with the direct involvement at one time or another and in one scenario or another of both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrial space-faring races dating back many millions of years, throughout a far more ancient history that is not known on Earth today.

The most advanced races in what is known as the Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance of Free World systems has been watching over humanity on Earth, for the most part, without direct involvement. Recently, the mighty most ancient human Seres race came back into contact with this great alliance of world systems and they are both now watching over us like they once did at the very beginning when the Seres first brought human beings to Earth and to many millions of other world systems in our Milky Way Galaxy and many other galaxies. They also brought humanoid and other non-human races (the body forms) into existence long, long ago in galactic history. Now, things are changing in unexpected new ways.

While many on Earth feel that humanity is fast nearing its doom, Lemriel remains calm. He states that benevolent alien beings like the Seres have protected us in an ancient past along with the Galactic Alliance and they will do so again in the very near future in ways that will result in all life on Earth knowing with certainty that extraterrestrials do indeed exist.

If you want to discover much more about what’s to come and how extraterrestrials have watched over and in certain situations have protected us from annihilating ourselves through nuclear war these past many years, be sure to go on your own enlightening adventure by obtaining Lemriel’s book titled The Seres Agenda (that has a very special techniques section located at the back for your uplifting eye-opening benefit