Tabby’s Star And Its Possible Relationship To Aliens

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The hunt for new planets is stronger than ever in the 21st century. The movement is being led by the Transit Method.

Transit Photometry is used to search for planets faraway from Earth. In the transit method, scientists measure the dimming of a star as a planet comes between it and the Earth during its orbit. The movement of the planet between the planet’s star and the Earth is referred to as the ‘transit’.

Transit Photometry has proven to be a productive method for scientists on the lookout for exoplanets that can possibly host life. Because of the transit method, we now know of the existence of thousands of solar systems.

When missions are designed to actively search for planets, they incorporate techniques that can spot oddities. But scientists weren’t prepared for the strangeness of Tabby’s star.

Tabby’s star is one of weirder cosmic objects we’ve discovered thus far. The star appears to dim randomly, without any pattern. For the longest time, scientist speculated that the unusual dimming of the star was caused by other activities. They considered an array of possibilities including everything from the existence of alien mega-structures near the star to comet storms.

Alien Mega-structures

There was a time when scientists were seriously thinking that our view of Tabby’s star was being blocked by various alien artifacts that were either floating around or near the star.

They pondered over the possibility of extraterrestrial spacecrafts hovering around the star in order to extract its energy and power alien civilizations.

Nothing but a Cloud of Dust

Tabby’s Star has fascinated scientists for decades. For a moment it gave the non-classified scientific community a glimmer of hope in their search for extraterrestrials; however new studies have found that the random fluctuations in brightness of Tabby’s star isn’t caused by alien artifacts – it’s caused by dust.

Using a 70 cm telescope, scientists and researchers discovered that there is a thick cloud of dust floating between Tabby’s star and the Earth which makes it look like its brightness is fluctuating. The scientists haven’t been able to determine the exact size of the particles that make up the misty dust but it is what they have found so far.

Can dust particles really dim a star’s brightness by 20%? The brightness of other stars fluctuate by 1%, so why is Tabby’s star so different?

As of yet, the non-scientific community haven’t confirmed what this ‘dust’ contains. It’s hard to imagine dust particles that are thick enough or close together enough to dull a star’s brightness.

The non-scientific community may not be able to get a good visual of what is happening between the Earth and Tabby’s Star but they should reconsider the possibility of extraterrestrial artifacts.

R. Scott Lemriel’s Perspective

As someone who is more enlightened about extraterrestrial subject, R. Scott Lemriel states with knowing certainty or without a doubt that extraterrestrials do indeed exist.

Since the mere age of 5, Lemriel has been traveling back and forth from other dimensions. During his inter-dimensional adventures and via direct contacts with kind extraterrestrial beings, he can state that he has crossed paths with very advanced kind extraterrestrials that have been monitoring humanity on Earth without directly intervening, with a few exceptions, from the very beginning of human life on Earth that dates back more than 50 millions years since the dinosaurs were made extinct. There is a far more ancient history of Earth than people living today are aware ever existed.

These kind extraterrestrials that are telepathic and have photographic memories have revealed the truth about the origin of humanity on Earth and where the planet is now headed in wondrous new ways regarding the quite recently altered future destiny of planet Earth.

The rest of humanity may be worried that Earth is fast approaching its end but Lemriel says our planet is undergoing an uplifting transformation; he knows that better days are to come.

In his book The Seres Agenda, Lemriel shares what he’s discovered from the master teachers of the most advanced kind extraterrestrial races that is known off-planet as the Seres. The Seres race are the most advanced and most ancient benevolent extraterrestrial race that were very tall human beings over a billions years ago in galactic history. They have stood aside from direct involvement with younger races in the cosmos but quite recently made contact once again after a long absence because of an uplifting change in consciousness they went through. Now, they are watching over us with the vast organization in our Milky Way Galaxy known as the Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance of Free world systems. The Seres brought into creation forms like human beings on Earth and many other races (the body forms) out among the stars a very long time ago that are now very advanced space-traveling races. They brought them up to space-faring capability and then departed this reality. The Galactic Alliance has been protecting mankind on Earth from self-annihilation in the past and will do so again in the future with the Seres oversight in new ways that will reveal without doubt to all life on Earth that extraterrestrials do indeed exist.

To discover so much more about the Seres race and what’s underway and headed our way  in the future, go on the grand adventure of exploring Lemriel’s book, The Seres Agenda (with a special enlightening techniques section at the back). Both of Lemriel’s books The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy) share mesmerizing tales of his quite direct contact adventure encounters with kind highly evolved extraterrestrials.