Why Do Some People Have Out-Of-Body Experiences?

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Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) have fascinated people for a long time—mostly because the non-classified and most of the classified scientific communities still haven’t figured out why they happen.

Neurologists, psychologists and other scientists have conducted numerous studies in an attempt to understand what it is about the brain that leads to these out-of-body experiences. And so far, the results have been inconclusive. They’ve yet to find the exact cause but this so-called phenomena remains mainly misunderstood among the non-experienced and non-classified scientific circles.

What’s even more intriguing and mysterious about out-of-body experiences is their timing and what it reveals to the person experiencing it. Out-of-body experiences often take place when an individual is unconscious after a near-death experience. Many people  claimed to have floated out of their bodies and looked around to see their physical bodies below them. At other times, out-of-body experiences are more exhilarating. People have stated that they traveled to other dimensions during these experiences. Numerous other individuals have stated they do it while in contemplation or meditation, which produces the same effect as when the physical body is in the trance-stated referred to by most people as sleep

The First OBE

Robert Monroe was not the first man to report an OBE but he was one of the first few well-published authors who wrote about them.

It was 1958 when Monroe had his first OBE. He claimed to have glided out of his body for no apparent reason. His doctor couldn’t detect any physical ailments that may have triggered it. Monroe then turned to a friend who happened to be a psychologist.

His friend encouraged him to try inducing an OBE, stating that those who practice yoga or follow one of the Eastern religions claimed to have OBEs whenever they desire.

Monroe chose to follow his friend’s advice and attempted to induce an OBE—it worked! Monroe had many such experiences throughout the course of his life. He wrote about his experiences in his journal and would eventually coin the term “out-of-body experience”. He passed away in 1995, but many others individuals claim to have similar experiences.

What are OBEs exactly?

It needs to be understood that OBEs are different for each person. Generally, people who have OBEs speak of themselves as ‘floating away from their bodies.’ However, people also experience the wondrous phenomena of being here one moment and the next being in another parallel or higher dimension reality, on another planet or exploring a former lifetime they lived long ago on Earth.

This detachment of the true being from the physical body – the Soul or what benevolent extraterrestrials refer to as the Atma –  is what non -classified scientists who have no personal experience themselves have been trying to explain. Why is it that what appears to be their mind suddenly disconnects from our body? Is it really the mind that leaves the body behind in the trance-state called sleep or does the true nature of being – not the body or brain – actually temporarily leave the physical form left on automatic behind?

The Scientific Explanation

According to neurologists, OBEs or Astral Projection can be explained by reactions measured in the human brain but this is just theoretical and does not explain the conscious experiences out-of-body travel experiences impart to the individual having them

They further theorize that OBEs depend on the parts of the brain that are active and the parts that are not. Some new research speculates that our inner ear may be responsible for OBEs. Some other theoretical research indicates that a mismatch of information coming in from a damaged inner ear and a healthy visual system can give the illusion of an OBE. This is all, of course, only speculation and theory. These views are not based upon ANY verifiable facts that can be connected to the actual out-of-body experiences. What does brain chemistry have to do with being on another world or in another dimension?

With that being mentioned, many healthy individuals – with a functioning inner ear system– claim to have had OBEs. Other groups of theoreetical scientists claim that OBEs are nothing other than our brain trying to make sense of space. This is about the most absurd consclusion anyone could make about such experiences and it is largely based upon the so-called researcher’s own biased fears of the unknonw they cannot yet penetrate for themselves.

When yogis are meditating, they make a conscious effort to block out all other thoughts and focus on their inner-self. This compels the brain to be still and thoughts cease to randomly wonder.  Then usually dormant higher perceptions awaken that begin to take in cues from the space around the true observer and from the nature of other higher frequencies or other realities. This is why certain yogis and many more people quite outside their practices claim to be able  to induce OBEs. They have a sense of control over their mental and emotional processes to bring them to a central focus of serenity. This awakens the dormant or sleeping true nature of the being that runs a physical body. The Atma or Soul can then ‘detach’ itself as pure spherically shaped energy from the physical body they are running, as the body begins to be set to run on automatic – heart pumping with the circulation continuing and normal breathing set on a temporary automated function. Then the true Atma or being can explore the true nature of the grand multi-dimensional creation and return to it many times long before their body expires in this lifetime.

The Spiritual Perspective

Even Monroe’s friend said that people who follow certain religions are more inclined to have OBE’s. Spiritual experiences are defined as sensations, acts and experiences of connection to the divine. Many OBE’s happen during near-death experiences leading people to believe that OBE may be the Soul rising from the body. Others have OBE’s with practice during a contemplation or meditation focused session.OBE

Most non-classified scientists have another theoretical explanation for this. They erroneously state that OBEs take place during near-death experiences because the brain is trying to comprehend what is happening with the body. As the body’s organs fails, they theroirize, the brain struggles to keep up with its declining state. This theory is backed by absolutely no practical or provable science in any manner whatsoever and those that claim this are operating in subconsciously driven fear of the unknown they cannot see with their physical eyes.

Could it be something else?

Some OBEs are more adventurous in nature, as some people have stated that they’ve travelled back in time, into the future and to other dimensions; sometimes they’ve seen something that becomes prophetic in nature.

What is it that gives people the power to float out of their body and travel to different dimensions? Maybe external forces are at play?

Direct Experience-Based Hidden Truth Researcher, published author and international speaker R. Scott Lemriel has had fully conscious OBEs journey of many varieties beyond count since the his physical body was at the young age of 5 years and before this. It wasn’t long before he was able to induce OBEs himself of various types, which he refers to as bi-location, direct-location, and dream travel that takes place while the body is in the trance-state referred to as sleep. He has traveled back and forth in time, into many parallel and higher dimensions, had direct contact with benevolent extraterrestrials and many journeys to many other planets in our dimension and that are locate in many other parallel dimensions. His inter-dimensional journeys have revealed to him the far wider and deeper  truths about the history of all human beings that did not originate on our planet, the vastly more ancient true history of Earth and our solar system, and Galactic History 101 out beyond the stars.

Out Of Body Experiences

Scott has met and interacted with kind extraterrestrials and their Masterful teachers and continues to do so today. They continue to enlighten him about the deliberately hidden truths of most ancient Earth, our galaxy and others, parallel and higher dimensions, where human beings actually originated (not on Earth) but from out among the stars, how we came to be living on the planet today, our recently altered future destiny, as well as were this world is actually headed in new, entirely unexpected uplifting ways.

Here’s what Scott has to say about some of his OBEs and what they’ve revealed to him:

“My adventures have revealed a hidden history of planet Earth and our solar system, that confirmed the depth of suppressed truths I was uncovering. Human beings on our world have been deliberately kept from knowing about the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life through the misuse of misdirecting, subconsciously implanted non-terrestrial technology. It was out of subconscious misdirecting fear that a small elite group of worldwide people classified far beyond ‘top secret’ their knowledge of extraterrestrial life after World War II. Negatively influenced or misdirected rulers in Earth’s most ancient past were responsible for the end of long forgotten past civilizations. However, the past prophesied negative destiny or fate for humans on Earth was recently quite unexpectedly changed, fortunately for all of us living on Earth today. This transforming change is beginning to be carried out by benevolent extraterrestrial beings, many of them human, who have already saved us from certain destruction over the last 65 years.  They will do it again in coming far more profound ways.”

Scott shares many of his experiences and accumulated knowledge in his books, interviews with him on many radio-tv shows, conference presentation videos and in short and feature film development projects, as well as in his related music CD album titled “Stranger On A Lost Island.”.

To find out more about Scott’s consciousness liberating adventures go with childlike wonder as you explore his books, The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series). Scott shares very special non-terrestrial techniques involving inner sight or true imagination and a special sound that are designed to assist readers to be able to co-creatively induce their own OBEs that can also lead to direct contact experiences with kind wonderfully advanced beings. He does this  so that others can begin the memory awakening or recall process  to recover ever so much they were made to forget before they arrived on Earth with little or non former memory intact. Find out more door opening avenues at www.paralleltime.com

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