Were Mayans Interacting With Aliens – Also Known As Extraterrestrials?

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The Maya Empire was a Mesoamerican civilization that was made of the indigenous people of Mexico. They were located in what is now modern day Guatemala and are considered one of the most progressive ancient civilizations.

The Mayans are said to have understood the concept of “zero” around a thousand years before Europeans had figured it out.

Even though they had no advanced electronic or astronomical technology that has been discovered, they were already keeping track of planets in our solar system—accurately!

By the year 700 BC, the Mayans has developed their own writing system, something only 4 other civilizations had accomplished. Once they learned how to write, they eventually wrote tens of thousands of books which made them influential – they were one of the few civilizations at the time who were able to record their ideas and their findings. They constructed hundreds of cities which consisted of massive sports arenas, schools and libraries.

All seemed to be going well for the Mayans until 1000 AD when Spanish boats arrived. The Mayans abandoned their cities and resorted to living in small villages. After 1500 years of literature, only 4 Mayan books remain today.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Mayans

For a civilization that was flourishing the way the Mayans had, it seems odd for them to have suddenly disappeared. Historians suspect that they may have exhausted their resources or engaged in wars that ultimately led to their downfall.

So how was it that the Mayans were able to accomplish so much so long ago?

Some say the Mayans were guided by superior, other worldly beings…

Mayans and the Alien or Extraterrestrial Topic

A documentary released in 2012 titled, Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond showed archaeological evidence that the Mayans may have been in contact with aliens. The idea that the extraterrestrials worked with Mayans may seem farfetched to some people but the evidence suggests that there is a possibility.

For the documentary, Mexican authorities stated  they will be releasing artifacts, codices and other documents that prove that Mayans were interacting with non-terrestrial beings. All the codes, documents and artifacts that are presented in the documentary are corroborated by archaeologists. They gathered evidence consisting of translations of the codices that were initially kept secret by the government. The Minister of Tourism of the Mexican State of Campeche, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, claimed that they had also found a launching pad in the jungle which was over 3000 years old. This is also  discussed in the documentary.

The creators of the documentary have stated that the proof presented is indisputable.

According to them, the Mayans had the intentions and the capability to be ruling over Earth for thousands of years, however the growth of their reign was obstructed by ‘men of dark intentions.’ While the Mayans have disappeared so have most of their creations, but they have left behind traces that suggest they were involved with superior alien beings. Everything discussed in the documentary is backed by verified sources, including the Mexican and Guatemalan governments.

Like Mexico, the Guatemalan government too had kept certain documents and artifacts classified but have stated they will support the Mexican government in unraveling the mysterious world of the Mayans. The Minister of Tourism from Guatemala stated they were cooperating with the filmmakers and Mexican authorities for the betterment of humanity.

The documentary was expected to be taken seriously, which is why the creators went to such lengths to support their claims. The director and producer believe that the message in the film is crucial for the survival of humanity.

Aliens and Ancient Civilizations

As absurd as it may sound to those who do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, the Mayans aren’t the only ancient civilizations that could have been in contact with them. Other ancient civilizations too have left signs that suggest that they were being guided by powerful alien or non-terrestrial beings.

Many of the world’s most famous historic sites could have been built by aliens because there is no explanation as to how ancient civilizations built these giant structures without the use of modern technology. Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Moai heads of Easter Island and many other ancient sites on Earth have baffled the non-classified scientific community.

Who built them? Why were they built in the first place? And most importantly…HOW were they built?

People are usually left more confused after they further investigate the subject because what they most often find are just theories. Archaeologists have discovered hieroglyphs that contain images of UFOs and alien-like beings with elongated heads, skinny bodies and dark eyes. Non-classified scientists haven’t been able to explain why the Egyptians were already painting disk-shaped aircrafts thousands of years ago. However, there are those scientists living in deeply classified circles that do know and they have been ordered to keep silent.

It’s interesting to note that creators of Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond, as well as the Mexican and Guatemalan governments strongly state the release of the documentary contains hidden truth that is of great importance to all mankind. The connection to superior alien beings can give us indications as to why the Mayans fell and eventually disappeared. The only thing that will provide all of us with the hidden truth about all this is ‘Direct Knowing Experience.’

Non-classified historians believe it was likely due to depleting resources and excessive infighting in the Mayan Empire – kind of like what is going today. Today, the Earth is once again having to deal with the rapid consumption of world wide resources. Some places on Earth still happen to be at war again as well and many fear that we’re fast approaching the end of humanity.

The Deliberately Hidden Truth

Diliberately Hidden Truth/Revealing Researcher,published author and international speaker R. Scott Lemriel agrees that humans can learn from the past but he also states that much about our past is deliberately hidden by subconsciously misdirected or corrupt forces.

According to his experiences and extensive knowledge in the field, the Earth is currently beginning to go through an entirely unexpected but gradually uplifting worldwide transformation. Humans may be inclined to self-destruct but benevolent (kind) alien intervention has saved all life on Earth  from annihilation in the past without the vast majority of the public realizing what was going on In his work, R. Scott Lemriel reveals why he knows  that superior, benevolent extraterrestrials will once again intervene to save all of humanity and Earth in a unique new manner that was quite recently brought into creation for the first time in all galactic history.

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