Famous Unsolved Mysteries of the World

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Even though we’ve come a long way in terms of science and technology, there remain many unsolved mysteries in the world. Non-classified scientists have not yet been able to provide a logical explanation to the greatest mysteries.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

The Taos Hum

A small town in Mexico has become known for a mysterious humming noise that can be heard during dawn and dusk. Here’s the intriquing  part, the noise can be heard by us but no sound detection devices have been able to pick it up! What is the noise that echoes in the Taos? No one seems to know that answer but direct experience-based hidden truth researcher states he is experienced with this phenomena and knows the answer.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has taken many ships and planes from us. Since the 1900s many ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle – even their remains are never found. Pilots still claim that their guidance instruments malfunctioned  around or in the Bermuda Triangle area. Non-classified scientists have not been able to provide an explanation and many people are connecting the dots to begin to understand that non-terrestrial beings both kind and diabolical from the stars are involved in some way..

Tamam Shud

Back in 1948, a body of a man was found in the city of Adelaide in Australia. The man could not be identified by Australian security forces but they did find a piece of paper in his pocket that read “Tamam Shud.” Excerpts of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam were used to translate the words and found that they meant ‘Finished.’ Governments across the world stepped in to help Australian security forces but still failed to identify the man.

Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones were supposedly erected in 1979. They are referred to as the American Stonehenge. The structure is located in Elbert County and consists of 10 giant walls. Each one of the walls has the 10 new commandments engraved in it in Hebrew, Swahili, Arabic, English, Hindi, Russia, Chinese and Spanish. As multicultural as the Georgia Guidestones are, no one knows how they got there or who was meant to read and interpret them.


The Easter Islands are mysterious enough thanks to the giant Moai heads that are scattered across it, but there was another discovery that was found in Easter Island that makes it more mysterious – a set of hieroglyphs referred to as the Rongorongo. The hieroglyphs in the Rongorongo have still not been translated but if someone does manage to decode them one day, we could finally have an explanation for the Moai heads. Were aliens involved in building and placing them in their locations?

The Loch Ness Monster

For decades, the tales of Loch Ness Monster have haunted the people of Scotland. It’s supposed to be a massive sea creature – possible a descendant of the dinosaurs that resides beneath the lake. Numerous sightings over many decades along with audio and visual evidence suggests that there could be a large sea serpent that lives in the lake; yet there is still no solid proof that confirms the many sightings.

Big Foot

One of the Earth’s oldest mysteries is a large, hairy creature that supposedly lives between the mountainous snow-filled regions of the US, Canada and Asia. People have been reporting Big Foot sightings in North America or Yeti as they are referred to in asia for decades and have said that it looks like a hybrid of man and a gorilla but much larger and bi-peddal in more human-like ways.


Like many ancient sites, Stonehenge is another one that remains a mystery for us. Located in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge is an enormous structure made up of massive rocks that weigh several tons. Even if you did get hundreds of men to lift them, it wouldn’t be possible for them to place them on top of other large rocks without the use of technology. To this day, we don’t know who built the Stonehenge and why they built it.Stonehenge

Some believe that the Stonehenge was built by otherworldly beings and could have served as a launching pad for alien spaceships.

DB Cooper

DB Cooper succeeded in hijacking a Boeing 727 and stealing $200,000. He then opened up the plane’s door and jumped out with a parachute. He was never caught and his body was never found. His case is the only US aviation case that remains unsolved to this day.

The Severed Foot Beach of British Columbia

Most beaches are the perfect places to relax but not this British Columbia beach. While it isn’t uncommon to have body parts resurface on beaches, this specific beach in British Columbia has become known for severed feet that have been appearing on its shores for decades.

Nazca Geoglyphs

Nazca GeoglyphsPeru’s Nazca Civilization created some of the world’s most amazing geoglyphs. Their humongous geoglyphs include images of spiders, sharks, orcs, monkeys and more. What’s fascinating about these geoglyphs is that they are made with incredible precision. Unless the Nazca people had found some other way of seeing their images from above, how they pulled off the construction of these images without an aircraft remains a mystery. Some of the massive lines appear to look like the navigational markings of a runway for the approach of some kind of other worldy craft.

Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

In the year 1974, some Romanian workers found three strange objects in a sand trench. They were buried 10 meters deep. Some research revealed that two of the objects were elephant bones from around 2.5 million years ago. As ancient as these bones were, it was the third object that raised more questions. It was an aluminum wedge. Aluminum is incredibly difficult to develop and more so in the 19th Century. Why was this specific aluminum wedge found with elephant bones that are over 2.5million years old?

Many have taken this as proof for the existence of aliens or extraterrestrials that visited and/or colonized Earth long before any recorded history began.

Direct Experience-Based Hidden Truth Researcher, published author and international speaker R. Scott Lemriel has claimed for many years that extraterrestrials have been on Earth and have influenced mankind in more ways than the vast majority of the public has known. In fact, he claims that we human beings were brought to the planet by both benevolent (kind) and malevolent (diabolical tyrant) extraterrestrial beings at one time or another stretching back more than 50 million years since the dinosaurs were made extinct. .

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