Ancient Civilizations That Interacted With Powerful Aliens

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There are several ancient sites on Earth including The Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Moai heads, etc. that may have been made by extraterrestrials. The sheer sizes of these enormous structures have puzzled scientists for centuries.

If we were to build exact replicas of the Pyramids it would require a large team of architects, engineers and construction workers who would rely on technology and heavy machinery to lift and cut gigantic stones.

How did ancient civilizations manage to lift stones that weigh many tons and craft them with so much precision without the use of advanced technology?

This is a question that’s baffled many; even after all these years the non-classified scientists and the vast majority of human beings living on Earth today still don’t know how these mega-structures were built.

Some have speculated that ancient civilizations may have had help from paranormal forces – possibly extraterrestrials.

The Ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptian civilization is known for many things, but it is most recognized for The Pyramids and their mysterious hieroglyphics.

The Pyramids

It is still thought today by many people that the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids to perfection. They may look like oddly shaped structures in the middle of the desert but if you delve deeper into the details, you’ll appreciate the precision with which they’re built.

Each of the stones used to build the pyramids weighs many tons. According to calculations, around 400 strong men would be needed to lift a single stone in place to build a pyramid.

Each of the stones used to build the pyramids weighs many tons. According to calculations, around 400 strong men would be needed to lift a single stone in place to build a pyramid.

Taking the scorching heat of the desert into consideration, it looks like it would have been an impossible task; yet, the Egyptians managed to do it over and over again or so historians surmise. They had help building several Pyramids that have stood the test of time.

Electricity & Spaceships

There are hieroglyphs engraved in some of the pyramids that suggest the Egyptians may have had access to electricity.

To make matters even more eerie, some Egyptian hieroglyphs reveal the images of disk-shaped spaceships, similar to what we imagine alien spacecrafts look like.

In some hieroglyphs, there are images of beings with elongated heads that are very distinct from the drawings of humans.

So were the Ancient Egyptians interacting with extraterrestrials? The evidence says so.

The Mayans

An award-winning documentary released in 2012 about The Mayans provided evidence of the ancient civilization interacting with extraterrestrials. The documentary revealed previously classified information from the Mexican government.

Even the former Mexican President was involved in the making of the documentary. He disclosed that translation of specific codices and information about ‘landing pads’ that were found in the jungles of Mexico.

The documentary sheds light on unexplored Mayan territory in Guatemala and Mexico which indicate that the Mayans were in contact with extraterrestrials.

R. Scott Lemriel’s Perspective

According to Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author, R. Scott Lemriel, extraterrestrials have been around humans since the beginning of life on Earth. In fact, Lemriel states that humans were brought to Earth at one time or another and during one scenario or another with the direct involvement of both benevolent and malevolent space-faring extraterrestrial races along a far more ancient history than is known on Earth today. That forgotten or suppressed history dates back many millions of years.  

His travels to other dimensions revealed to him the truth behind the world’s most intriguing ancient and current mysteries.

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