Colonizing Space: The Most Popular Ideas We Have

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Douglas Adams wasn’t kidding when he said that space is ‘really big.’ In fact, space is so much more: and while the layman doesn’t realize this, governments do.

They realized this back during World War II, which is also when most of their space exploration programs began.

The major landings on the moon, the first living creature to orbit the Earth (a Russian dog named Laika), all came as a result of wars. Radar technologies, which became instrumental in space exploration, were also first developed for submarines. It wasn’t completely a coincidence that humans were making devices crucial for space exploration at the same time as they were fighting the Second World War.

And if they had otherworldly ideas, they have clearly developed them further in highly classified programs.


Humans on Earth have never shied away from their knack of exerting power over others. It is for this reason that we invented weapons and instruments of mass destruction. The desire to control and rule over others and to grab more land is innate in humans who have been brought up quite backward in their thinking and taught a quite incorrect self-limiting utilization of the creative imagination on good old planet Earth.

This desire is further manifested in the current missions to Mars and beyond. But as much as we pretend to know about mankind’s planned future space colonies, there’s so much more being kept hidden from the public that began at the end of and shortly after World War II.

The Japanese Mission

The ‘JAXA’ has a pretty ambitious plan up its sleeves which revolves around the moon. They have planned to send an army of robots to the natural satellite. This army would be armed with 3D printers and use the moon’s resources to build a base on the moon. By 2030, this team will build a ‘lunar ring’ around the moon that is meant to capture solar energy and send it back to the Earth.

Mars and Mirrors

Mars is currently at the center stage of all space exploration that is revealed to the non-classified public. But while the planet has roughly the same mass and gravity as Earth, there are problems. First, it’s terribly cold on Mars by Earth’s standards. And some scientists have a plan to heat the planet up—through a design that the NASA is funding. This plan involves suspending giant mirrors in orbit around Mars. The mirrors will collect the solar energy in space and focus it on the planet in specific places which would then warm up the planet. A warmer Mars will make it easier for humans to travel and settle on this quite different planet.

Venus Blimps

Mars gets most of the attention, while most scientist today continue to ignore Venus—many scientists don’t see Venus as a sister planet to Earth, even though it has gravity and a mass that is somewhat similar. It is also closer to Earth and is speculated to once have been like Earth—before a terrible bout of global warming ruined it.

The problems with Venus are many: it is swirling hot, has a toxic atmosphere, its atmospheric pressure is crushing, and humans can’t live on its surface in their vulnerable bodies. However, there is a plan called Project HAVOC, which aims to colonize Venus.

The idea is to construct blimps in the upper atmosphere where the pressure isn’t fatal. These floating, cloud-like platforms will be coated in solar panels and will protect against the immense toxicity and radiation. Scientists in these blimps will research and work for years before they find a way to clear the rocky surface of Venus.

Elevator in Space

Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, wherein Willy Wonka had a glass elevator that soared  ‘up and out’ of the top of the factory through some type of anti-gravity means?” That’s probably where some people may have obtained the idea for a space elevator.

The idea is to save on fuel and energy by building for once and all an elevator on Earth that reaches into space. Of course, it would have to be one extremely tall elevator. Since the construction would be on Earth, monitoring it would be easy. The techniques proposed for use include using motors and Earth’s own centripetal force.

This isn’t some kid’s fantasy—NASA and SpaceX have both considered it with seriousness. Additionally, many more courageously conscious civilian groups are crowdfunding for space elevators, including a Canadian firm which secured with the US a patent for a design.

Needless to say, civilians are finally waking up to the possibilities and truths that lie beyond Earth and they are actively pursuing them.

Curious to Know More?

Like the civilians interested in crowdfunding, you too might be wondering how to know more. The thirst for knowledge and the quest for truth is an inherent desire in mankind; it’s natural for you to want to know.

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