Aliens May Be Living Inside Super-massive Black holes!

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Black holes are dreadful enough on their own. But think super massive black holes, and our curiosity is piqued even further. For starters, how big can this universe be? And while black holes and super massive black holes might continue to beleaguer our senses and imagination, something else is probably living inside them, well hidden from our sight.

Black Holes

Any space enthusiast would know the concept of a black hole in and out: these are naturally occurring phenomena in deep space, dense and deadly. They’re blacker than anything known to man, and the gravity inside is so powerful that even the fastest thing in the universe—light—can’t escape.

Any space enthusiast would know the concept of a black hole in and out: these are naturally occurring phenomena in deep space, dense and deadly. They’re blacker than anything known to man, and the gravity inside is so powerful that even the fastest thing in the universe—light—can’t escape.

We can look at black holes from either a distance or from afar, but we can’t determine what’s inside, or what happens to those who venture inside. Because we can’t see anything.

And that makes black holes the best hiding place for any sophisticated life forms scattered in the universe. Think of this a star-sized or really much larger invisibility cloak—it’s simply ingenious.

“But Black Holes Suck Everything In!”

Yes, they do . . . or at least that’s what we’ve been able to determine so far. Don’t forget that there was a time when we thought humans could not go to the moon. There was a time when we treated the idea of space travel with mocking contempt and there was a time when we thought that the Earth was flat or that sailing ships would fall off the edge of the planet if they ventured too far out across the oceans.

And yet nothing was as we thought it would be, given how limited the horizons of our knowledge were. Hence the idea that black holes will suck and churn into spaghetti anything that gets near the event horizon could very well be trashed years from now, after we make new discoveries. At any rate, there’s evidence of far more advanced races and species in the universe, and they could have developed technology far more sophisticated. This technology or perhaps the ability to harness gravity would perhaps allow what we may for now refer to as fifth dimensional intelligent life forms to inhabit the event horizon without falling in.

After all, humans came up with the phenomena label called ‘artificial gravity’—so what’s stopping other intelligent life forms from advancing likewise or going way beyond what we know is possible on Earth today?

Scientific Evidence

If you think the idea that aliens are hiding inside super massive black holes is simply speculation, think again. Russian cosmologist Vyacheslav I. Dokuchaev has studied and researched the subject extensively, and has made revolutionary claims.

Working at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, he claims that these galactic nuclei have stable planetary systems inside which are not affected by nor do they affect the singularity. If you are curious, you can read the full paper here – but this is not why this article was written with the intend to assist you to open a doorway to direct knowing experience of your own. You can explore theory all you want but that will not change your life or provide anyone with direct experience which would take them out of doubt and fear to place them in the ‘knowing’ category.

Black holes aren’t not comprised of moonlight or any other known light and they exist in different types: there are the stationary Schwarzschilds, the Kerrs without a charge, and there are those which are both: they are charged, and they rotate. It is inside these that the Russian cosmologist claims life forms exist, invisible to the outside world.   

“But, What About the Energy?”

You’re right in questioning that life forms of an alien, human, or otherwise nature require energy sources as we do to survive. Just because a black hole is dark does not mean that no energy exists inside it. In fact, the central singularity inside a black hole is illuminating and extremely iridescent, which is a stable source of light inside a black hole. Thus even when the light of no star shall be reflected from inside a black hole, it will become part of the singularity and will illuminate its insides. Because visible light cannot escape the massive space structure of a black hole, we can’t see into it from the outside with our physical eyes.

Ideal Living Place

While the gut of a super massive black hole, with all that powerful gravity or naked singularity doesn’t sound appealing enough for us to want to there, it is actually an ideal one. An advanced race would want nothing other than to live in peace, and to find a way to control its integrity near or inside a black hole, so that they would not be sucked inside it. And guess what the safest place near a black hole is? Inside it is the answer!

Interested in Seeking the Truth?

There’s a growing community of curious truth seekers and space enthusiasts who dare to look beyond what the system feeds them. Some of us have made contact with extraterrestrial life forms and aren’t afraid to reveal our experiences.

One of the leading voices in this community is known as the Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author R. Scott Lemriel. His books The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy) shed light on and actually provide answers to phenomena the worldwide classified controlled system on Earth would rather keep hidden from you, at least for a while longer until they are compelled to reveal everything!

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