How Direct Out of Body Experiences Head Into Benevolent Alien Territories

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We live in an era of fake news. We know that the media is censored. We know that the system never feeds us all of what it knows. But how much is it actually hiding?

Remember those otherworldly, unexplained experiences you’ve had in the wee hours of the night that convinced you that someone else was with you? Turns out they’re not so new at all, and that humans have been experiencing them since forever.

In the older times, people believed that they were being abducted and/or possessed by supernatural entities, which they called the succubi and the incubus. Their experiences may seem to align with some people who claim to have had negative contact experience with aliens or that have been abducted against their will by them.

Astral Projections

We know that the human body is but a physical vessel that is run by a conscious life source that if not understood appears to be but an abstract concept that is but air one is trying to grasp with one’s fingers. However, the real individual being running that body can transcend such limited thought and seeming lack of experience—contrary to popular belief. The astral plane isn’t exactly alien to those of us who are multi-dimensional and who have welcomed the truth with open arms.

Many people have reported having experienced the presence of someone else, or having a lucid dream, or having actually visited wonderful planetary bodies. Their testimonies reveal the spiritually peaceful nature of these experiences, which gives us cause to think: extraterrestrials have been making contact with us and have been considerate enough to bring us back to our planet. And while many people brush off their experiences as ‘sleep paralyses’ or a simple dream, others aren’t so naive.

Many of us can tell what’s worldly and what’s alien.  And this blog or article is going to shed constructive light on these experiences.

Shedding Fear

Often the first thing that skeptics will ask when it concerns having out-of-body experiences is this: why haven’t they had any similar experiences? The answer is simple enough –  because they are being misdirected from subconscious fear and doubt, something they’ve been lead to believe they cannot control all their lives by their peers, who have also been misdirected.

Their subconsciously motivated suspicious natures have so enclosed them in a shell of their own making that they refuse to believe even when they are directly experiencing the truth themselves. Irrational fears and a staunch refusal to believe anything other that one has been told to believe all their life never helps, and everyone who’s ever made contact with aliens has done so because they refused to allow fear to hold them back.

These are people who are open to possibilities and open to making friendly contact. These are the people who are sincerely curious about the truth and who actively seek it.

What It’s Like

People who have made contact with benevolent aliens—and there are countless such people—have had similar tales to tell. These begin with them being lifted up to experience a feeling akin to having their mind or more accurately their true being transcended into another dimension.

At the end of the day, when scientists are engrossed in finding ways to physically transport humans into space, many among us have already done it—by using the most versatile tool known to man: our creative imagination. This is not something that is made up in the brain of a human body or in the mind. It is how the being directly sees and knows things in the vast nature of the grand multiverse.

Extraterrestrials are curious and benevolent, mostly, according to people who have made contact. Their civilizations are advanced and their systems at times even more complicated than ours. And they’ve been looking at us for a long, long time and often from very far away. They’ve been interested in our race since it began existing and have looked over us all these millennia but not just on planet Earth. Kind extraterrestrials and their master teachers are the only entities who stand guard against malevolent space ilk, who would have us all for lunch metaphorically so-to-speak if they could. The benevolent non-terrestrial beings have protected humans on Earth without directly interfering or taking over when we face or are about to orchestrate self-annihilation. We have much to be thankful for.


Although many of us don’t realize this and dismiss it, our most vivid dreams aren’t dreams at all. Especially if those dreams are recurring and/or are about meeting strange races in strange places.

Extraterrestrials make contact with humans directly when it is vital they do so or through telepathic means—like dreams at night when we recall being out of our bodies exploring some other reality, while the physical body is resting in the trance state we call sleep. This is not a phenomena. However, this is what this is referred to by people who do not yet remember or know things with certainty as they once did. And just because we can’t make do with the seeming flighty nature of certain so-called dreams that are brought back upon awakening our physical bodies, we tend to deem them or label them unreal. That doesn’t prove a thing. The distortion of clarity when returning to the sleeping body in the morning is only distorted when we take fear and doubt into the dream state with us before we go to sleep at night. In reality, according to those few people on Earth that know, dreams exist in a dimension a notch or more above our physical life or currently dormant higher faculty nature or understanding for most people living today on good old backward planet Earth. This is all reversible!

Straight from an Expert

R. Scott Lemriel has made contact with advanced kind extraterrestrials aliens and their master teachers ever since he was a child. He has met both with mostly benevolent and a few malevolent extraterrestrial races and has more insight and ways for others to access hidden truth by their own enlightening direct experiences than most people living on or off the Earth with similar experiences.

His books The Seres Agenda (with the very special enlightening techniques at the back) and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy) provide detailed accounts of such experiences that are only entirely based on his direct experiences throughout this lifetime. They were published in a fiction category because certain character’s names and locations of a few revealed events were altered to protect the vast majority of people on Earth today, until a coming unexpected uplifting worldwide transformation is more openly underway. Based on direct experience-based explorations that do reveal astounding deliberately hidden truths for the first time on planet Earth, Lemriel’s books are a leading source of insight into out-of-body experiences and direct alien or extraterrestrial contact experiences. If you seek to uncover all you once knew before you found yourself on Earth with little or no former memory intact and have the courage to to pursue it, obtain a copy of his books today.