There’s a Solar System Exactly like Ours

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Even before they sent the Voyagers with all that cryptic information out into the vastness and pits of space, everyone knew there was more. There was more to this world and to this universe; there’s more to humans and our origins, and there’s much that needs to be found out.

With the limited resources and the as-yet inadequate advancement in technology we have gained, humans have few chances of ever chancing on the truth by themselves.

They’ve tried searching in the immediate Solar System but haven’t even been able to reach out to the far-off planets—it takes years to go to any planet that exists beyond Mars with current technology that is known among highly educated non-classified scientists. No matter how many Teslas Elon Musk sends into space, our prospects look bleak, if all we are left to look for hidden truth through distorted glasses of mis-information and subconscious fear of the unknown.

Other Civilizations

The universe, though, is neither tiny nor strictly three-dimensional. What we do know from our peeks into the bounds of outer space that there exist a millions upon countles millions of other worlds, and numbers beyond current Earth human consciousness comprehension abilities which resemble ours. While a majority of the population remains in the dark and refuses to believe that extraterrestrial contact has yet to be made, there exist civilizations and races out there far more advanced than us.

And if they don’t exist in our backyard (our immediate Solar System), then they must exist beyond it. Outside, in our own galaxy and in others, there exist a relatively infinite number of stars. Around most stars exists a planetary system not very different from ours. There are some planets which orbit two stars and some which are in a mutual gravitational bonding with their mother star. And in such a world of possibilities, the question begs to be asked: have we found one that’s EXACTLY like ours?   

Yes, We Have

Prior to the December of 2017, we thought that our Solar System was the only known planetary system that supported 8 plants (or more, give or take Pluto). But then the Kepler Mission discovered an eighth planet revolving around a distant star. This new planetary system now had as many planets as our own, and was immediately the focus of attention worldwide.

The Planetary System Around Kepler 90

The star Kepler 90 is way bigger than the Sun, and of course, hotter. It’s also at a tremendous distance from our Earth, some 2,500 light years away. It lies in the constellation of Draco. Although the planets in this distant world orbit quite close to their mother star, they’re still arranged in a fashion similar to that of our Solar System. The orbits are roughly the same shape and thus offer a stark resemblance to our own.  

What This Means for Us

For the seekers of truth and those looking for connections with others in the universe, the news is obviously huge. Scientists have only begun to notice that a solar system very much like ours exist out there, but for us the repercussions are bigger. Having a solar system that mirrors ours adds weight to the existence of parallel dimensions too. So far, the majority of human beings living on planet Earth think they only exist in a three-dimensional space and can’t even fathom more dimensions. This kind of extremely self-limiting thinking is like expecting a two-dimensional creature to imagine and understand a three-dimensional structure.

But even scientists haven’t denied that the different worlds that exist in space collide with each other, and this is a theory corroborated on paper by theoretical physics. Simply put, a parallel universe is a universe much like ours, but with transitions in it. The infamous String Theory is a strong contributor here. According to this theory’s bosonic version, space-time isn’t the conventional 5-dimensional structure we think it is but 26-dimensional.

For this universe to be concurrent with ours, it needs to be symmetrical, most of all. And it seems that with the discoveries of similar solar systems and planets, we might be on the course of officially discovering one such universe. Reaching these areas through conventional means, however, is impossible for humans at the moment – at least so far as non-classified scientist believe. But that too is just theory. They lack direct experience. However, the parallel creatures who exist in other universes are likely in many cases far more advanced, and many have already made contact with certain individuals on planet Earth.

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