It’s Not Just Planets—There’s Alien Life on Moons Too!

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When we humans think of the prospect of finding alien life, we think of a planet that resembles the planet Earth; for in our cozy bubbles of existence, only the familiar is fit to breathe in. The unfamiliar isn’t just disregarded, it is regaled and dismissed, deliberately ignored.

But one only has to venture out a little bit farther to realize that the biggest truths have come out of the shadow of the unknown. After all, truth lies in the shadow of doubt. And for hidden truth researchers, nothing is free from questioning: existence, origins, this universe, and the creatures that walk hereupon.

And when it comes to thinking of alien life, we needn’t look much farther either. In fact, humans ought to know better than to spend time and resources in exploring Mars and Saturn. After all, the first celestial body we landed on was not another planet. It wasn’t Venus or Mercury.

It was the moon.

The Man on the Moon is Real

Of course, we don’t mean that the man on the moon you thought you saw as a child was real, but there are things far more real up there. It all came out in 2017 when multiple news outlets began reporting about some of the biggest truths NASA had kept intentionally hidden from the public.

Of course, these space agencies are hegemonies and can hardly be taken to task, but in a bizarre turn of events, they did admit their ignorance. For instance, in the June of 2018, they admitted that extraterrestrials “could be hidden from sight.” The proverbial Man in the Moon isn’t just real, he’s invisible, and completely beyond the understanding or grasp of science tycoons like NASA.

The Great Alien Cover-Up

This claim had already been making the rounds on media back in December 2017 when news sources began spilling the beans on what became known as the “Great Alien Cover up.” To quote someone relevant, this is probably the worst cover-up “in the history of cover-ups.” And according to the truth seekers who unearthed this mystery, this isn’t just about invisible aliens (though that was probably an afterthought to this whole cover-up dilemma). Contrary to NASA scientist Paul Hertz’s statement (“the agency has no evidence of alien life”) it was found that the agency does have evidence and has been actively hiding it. Sources claim that the secrecy on part of NASA is a requirement of the U.S. Government. They fear that if knowledge about the existence of aliens was made public the world and all its religions, laws, etc. would be in jeopardy. They fear anarchy—but perhaps they fear something more. The powerful always fear knowledgeable subjects.

Thus, are we kept from knowing the truth when our extraterrestrial companions live so close. NASA might hide what it found on the moon, but seekers of the truth can never be fooled for long.

The Dark Side of the Moon

NASA admitted two years ago that the Dark Side of the moon hasn’t been disclosed properly to the world. After all, it is only one face of the moon that the people of the Earth ever gaze upon. When the space craft Chandrayaan-1 captured images which revealed giant caves on the dark side of the moon, scientists did away by claiming these were lava tubes.

They might as well be, but scientists also said that these very apertures could house the first ever lunar space stations. They’re clearly of importance to the classifieds. UFO hunters have had to add to this revelation, however. Researchers have revealed that it’s in these massive cavernous tubular underground structures that aliens might have taken residence.

And here we are, with our extraterrestrial cousins living so close to us, looking and proving in all the wrong places. What does it say about us humans when we’re busy exploring other planets and haven’t explored properly our own natural satellite?